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May 9, 2023

I received this question about Protein Supplements for muscle building and want to share the question and the response with you.

Lucy’s Question:

I am learning so much. I have a question about protein supplements. I have heard collagen, protein powders and creatine mentioned. I take a glutamine supplement for my gut. Any comments on how that might be related to muscle building if at all?


Protein Supplements for Muscle Building 

If you listened to Dr Vincent Pedre... Day 1... if your gut is not absorbing micronutrients and able to break down protein in foods.. you're unable to build muscle NO MATTER WHAT YOU CONSUME.

L-Glutamine for Gut Health 

The L-glutamine helps with healing the gut (IF you've identified and REMOVED the foods that may have contributed to a leaky gut situation). 

So first, the removal, the testing, the L-glutamine then supports the sealing of the gut (that can't happen if the culprits are still present). 

THEN... dietary protein or supplemented with protein powder with high quality EAAs or a EAA supplement support muscle building and repair. 

Collagen for Muscle

Collagen supports hair, gut, skin and bone resilience (but is not alone adequate enough for muscle).  So, if you count collagen that you’ve added to coffee as your daily protein for instance, and your highest priority is muscle building, that’s a little deceptive. It hasn’t actually helped. Though it may help you with blood sugar stabilization, it isn’t muscle-specific. 

You heard Erin Carson credit her collagen habit for rapid repair and recovery of a fluke ankle break. No stranger to supplements in 40 years of strength & conditioning, it was collagen that she mentioned. 

Creatine for Muscle Building

Then creatine - you didn't mention, but I'm adding here because it's a bit like "the next layer" for those that aren't making adequate progress, may be something you want to consider to help.

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A quick addition to this is one of the controversial protein powder options: Whey protein. And another protein source, soy.  I’m going to address this in another soundbite. Stay tuned to hear this one. 

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