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The Flipping 50 Show

Let's start Flipping 50 with the energy and the vitality you want for this second half! I solve your biggest challenges and answer questions about how to move, what to eat, and when, along with the small lifestyle changes that can make the most difference in the least amount of time. Join me and my expert guests for safe, sane, simple solutions for your second (and better) half!

Jun 23, 2020

 Natural Menopause Solutions

Hot flashes, night sweats or kick-your-booty fatigue ?

Those symptoms of menopause do not have to run your life. This episode is all about natural menopause solutions, that get you back on track, feeling 100% your sassy self again in no time.

I’ve been sharing … well pretty much everything with you lately about what I’ve done to my hormones, for my hormones, and one of the things I’ve discovered thanks to my Dr is Macapause by Femmenessence. I felt better within a week … so I’m super excited to introduce my guest today to talk about it.

My Guest:

 Dr. Mona Fahoum who is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women's health, hormones and the microbiome. Dr. Fahoum’s philosophy is to use a personalized approach, creating a unique plan for each patient - whether that is to trust the body to do its job or use conventional or natural treatments to achieve wellness. 

Dr. Fahoum is the Director of Clinical Services at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, the teaching clinic for Bastyr University, she is the past-president of the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians, has her own private practice in Seattle and is also on the medical team of Symphony Natural Health, the makers of Femmenessence, which I personally use and have shared with many of you community members now also using (I’ll link to that in the show notes where all my resources are  is why we have Dr Fahoum here today. Outside of work Dr. Fahoum is a mom, avid snowboarder, soccer player and fitness enthusiast!

Questions we answer in this episode:

Q: So I love the part in your bio about creating a unique plan for each patient and then you go on to say even if that is to just trust the body to do its job! Much like the exercise prescriptions designed at Flipping 50  - we are on the same page. Can you talk a bit about what that means for you when you’re working with a patient?

Q: my audience has heard how my doctor and OBGYN Shawn Tassone put me on both bio-identical hormones and suggested Femmenessence. Can you please go into some more detail for listeners about how each of them work and how they are complimentary?

Q: Listeners will love the possibility that this may mean that not all women might need bio-identical hormones if Femmenessence gets them into balance -is that what you’re saying?

Q: Hormone balance has become a bit of a catch phrase for women’s health over the last 5 years and yet it is used in very general terms or perhaps as a blanket statement. Can you break down specifically for the women listening how hormones impact the issues we experience during menopause and why imbalance is referred to as the root cause?  And if we can let’s start with what so many women experience -  hot flashes and night sweats?


Q: What about mood swings?

Q: What about poor sleep and lack of energy?

Q: What about weight gain and heart health…

Q: what about bone density and correlating diagnosis of osteoporosis?

Q: Finally, I am sure many of my audience have heard of or even use a product to support hormone balance and provide menopause solutions. I know my personal experience is all the proof I need to know how different Femmenessence is, but how would you explain the differences between Femmenessence and other products to my audience when it comes to hormone balance.

“Femmenessence is that it is actually the only natural product that actually has demonstrated statistically significant effects on hormones in published clinical trials in both peri and post menopausal women.”

Q: Can you answer this question that I know listeners who have followed me in using maca will want to know… if they’re adding maca to a smoothie daily or a few times a week following a workout, and begin to take Femmenessence, can or should they do both?



Connect with Dr Mona:

Instagram: @Dr.monfahoum