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Aug 24, 2019

Fitness Nutrition You Haven't Tried

In this episode I’m sharing information about a particular fitness nutrition product but on a deeper level about the benefit of the ingredients in the product. You may be one of our Flipping 50 Member Box subscribers and you’ll appreciate the knowledge behind this product I vetted for your box this month – which was all things to make your workout more effective, enjoyable, and beneficial.

If you’re not already a member – and you’re into Christmas surprises and all the things that make fitness easier and want to avoid toxic products that mess with your hormones - I’ll link to details in the show notes for today’s episode.

First of all, what is it?

Hydrogen water is created when you add extra hydrogen molecules to water (which is already hydrogen and oxygen). You can buy it in a can, purchase a machine to split the molecules and add the hydrogen, or use a tablet which is what we’re talking about today.

I tracked down Jeff Taraday, one of the co-owners of Trusii, creators of hydrogen tablets for this episode. 

I asked him to share the need for Hydrogen with us.

I did some research on this lesser talked about component of fitness nutrition and there is significant information available on the benefits of Hydrogen. Benefits that appeal to the Flipping 50 community that include bone health, reducing effects of oxidation on aging, improving mitochondrial function, weight loss and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why don’t we hear more about this? 

What led you to develop Trusii? 

Many of you Flipping 50 audience members already take additional magnesium to supplement a multivitamin and Trusii lists magnesium on the ingredients list so I asked knowing you’d be curious about that. 

I don’t love that the tablets contain dextrose – something our audience members are taught to seek out on a label. Can you comment on the reason and role dextrose is included?  

There’s no denying that the benefits sound good. Here are some Jeff shared

There are over 1100 peer-reviewed studies on benefits of hydrogen gas. There are a lot of animal studies so far, but fewer human studies, so I had to ask about any negative side affects. Numerous articles – several by doctors as well as pub med-published studies, showed no negative side effects to date including studies on patients after having undergone radiation treatments.

What guidelines exist about this fitness nutrition supplement?

Hydrogen water is GRAS-certified by the Food and Drug Administration, which means it’s generally recognized as safe. There aren’t any regulations or standards when it comes to dosage.

I also ask the question about any existing studies featuring women in midlife specifically using H2 products and if so what were the results. I couldn’t find any specifically isolating women in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause. That’s not a surprise, though there are tests done proving bone density, and improvements in Alzheimer’s, hearing, wrinkles, and ocular degeneration. It also reduces mitochondria damage and oxidative stress and muscular fatigue in athletes.

What about results?

How soon can you expect to feel results? 

It depends on what you’re looking at. 

Oxidative stress and inflammatory response to exercise was tested within hours of consumption of 1500 ml of hydrogen rich water for instance. Acute improvements in heart rate during submaximal exercise were also recorded after ingestion of H2 water the day before and day of exercise testing. Some of the brain benefits were recorded after 7 days in traumatic brain injured patients given H2 water.

My bottomline is this:

I’m going to use Trusii for the remaining 3 months of my training leading to Ironman Cozumel and journal about it in the blog. It’s going to be a staple in my fitness nutrition for these last big months of training.

Flipping 50 Member Box subscribers are going to get the chance to try it too. If you’d like to join the Flipping 50 Member Box that gains you access to an exclusive members-only market area I’ll link to it below.

I’ll also list the place to review Trusii if you want more information yourself and you can link to a pool of studies there.



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