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The Flipping 50 Show

Let's start Flipping 50 with the energy and the vitality you want for this second half! I solve your biggest challenges and answer questions about how to move, what to eat, and when, along with the small lifestyle changes that can make the most difference in the least amount of time. Join me and my expert guests for safe, sane, simple solutions for your second (and better) half!

May 6, 2022

One of the hardest lessons for women to learn is that you have to eat for strength training to work. The first inclination is to “eat less and exercise more.” Of course, it’s been the message on social and unfortunately, even from the fitness industry, for years.


This episode and my guest will dispel those...

Apr 26, 2022

Would you define yours as a healthy lifestyle? It’s one of those things that can be illusive. That is, the finish line keeps moving away from you like your own handheld out in front of you would.


Before we open I invite you to come up with an answer to this… You’ve been tasked with creating the Wikipedia...

Apr 2, 2022

Your underlying reason for weight gain may not be a lack of motivation or discipline. It may not be that you don’t have willpower. It may not be that you’re not exercising enough. 


While there can be many reasons beyond what you eat that cause weight gain, few of us take a good look at why we eat. It’s...

Apr 1, 2022

Could your healthy foods cause fat gains or prevent fat loss? Are you possibly experiencing gas, bloating, and diarrhea because of what you’ve known as healthy foods? It turns out yes. There are 4 main categories of foods that are the potential cause of health issues for you. In this episode, we discuss healthy foods...

Mar 29, 2022


Could you even define healthy food today? Not many could easily. Given the unique individuality of the gut biome making a healthy food for one, poison for another. On every “healthy food” diet today there is a way to do it “dirty.”


Keto, vegan, vegetarianism… done using packaged and processed...