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The Flipping 50 Show

Let's start Flipping 50 with the energy and the vitality you want for this second half! I solve your biggest challenges and answer questions about how to move, what to eat, and when, along with the small lifestyle changes that can make the most difference in the least amount of time. Join me and my expert guests for safe, sane, simple solutions for your second (and better) half!

Oct 18, 2022

The reason you can’t lose weight in menopause is not all hormone related. 

It might be your mom, your dad, your memories, and it is definitely your thoughts and feelings around food. 

A woman recently shared her experience in a new weight loss program and put it to the test when she traveled for nearly 3 weeks, including to Europe. She empowered herself to participate in everything, though not over do it. She came back, after having enjoyed everything and lost 3 lbs. She was happy.

A week later she shared she’d done a 5 day fast. I scratched my head, confused. I don’t provide unsolicited coaching advice. Do you however see 


My Guest: 

Lisa Goldberg is a nutritionist and weight-loss coach with a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. She is an author, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Certified Dietician/Nutritionist.

Lisa has been coaching clients for over 20 years. She focuses on mindset change, mindful eating, habit and behavior change. She teaches her clients how to break their old patterns around food and eating so that they can end their struggle with emotional eating that leads to yo-yo dieting. Her clients create sustainable lifestyle changes that empower them to change their relationship with food and lose unwanted weight for good.

Lisa is the author of the book Food Fight!! Winning the Battle with Food and Eating to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss, available on Amazon.

In 2015, Lisa expanded her practice to coach clients remotely and she now coaches clients virtually around the world.

Questions We Answer in this Episode:

07:47 Why do diets never work for the long-term?

12:30  Why do people struggle so much with losing and maintaining weight? Is this physiology or is this psychology?

15:43 Breaking the habits you’ve always had, based on the beliefs you’ve always had is not easy. Everything wants to keep firing that same old way. How do you get people to break the pattern- where does change start? 

21:45 Why do so many people know what to do but they don't do it?

What REALLY needs to change in order to lose weight for good?

36:10 You have a summit coming up.. Right in time for the holidays, tell us about that. 

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