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The Flipping 50 Show

Let's start Flipping 50 with the energy and the vitality you want for this second half! I solve your biggest challenges and answer questions about how to move, what to eat, and when, along with the small lifestyle changes that can make the most difference in the least amount of time. Join me and my expert guests for safe, sane, simple solutions for your second (and better) half!

Jul 24, 2020

Wonder about intermittent fasting and exercise ? This is for you.

Today’s question about intermittent fasting from Elizabeth

“I get the 16/8 thing, but can I drink coffee before my fast ends?

What about matcha latte with coconut milk?

I’d be fine to exercise fasted if I could do a pre-workout matcha latte.

  • Can I/should I intermittent fast every day or how often?
  • Should I try to fit 3 meals into the 8-hour eating window?

She goes on to say, I’m thinking I should because with just 2 meals I’m pretty sure I’d be quite hungry.”

Points in this episode: 

Fasting and eating

The 16:8 she’s referring to is 16 hours of fasting and an 8-hour eating window. For example, you could eat dinner by 6pm and eat breakfast at 10am. What I’ve been doing is eating closer to 11am and having dinner around 5 on most days, that’s not always possible.

Breaking fast

Anything with calories, or otherwise changes your blood sugar, breaks your fast so technically a matcha latte with coconut milk is breaking fast.

Combining keto

However, if you’re seeking fat burning, the next closest thing is to remain ketogenic by having high fat and not carb. You’d be doing that with the coconut milk latte as long as you don’t sweeten it.

The question of three meals is one you’ll have to assess yourself. You also want to prioritize your goals for fasting. More on that in a minute. The goal is not restricted eating during your window, but if you have adequate protein and fiber within your window you may find you’re less hungry than you anticipate. Cravings seem to disappear not increase for people who fast.

You want the highest quality foods all the time.

A forever practice

The 16:8 is a fairly easy fasting practice for many. So doing it most days is fine… as long as it’s working. You only know by monitoring weight, body composition, energy, other intangibles like sleep, skin.

Activity needs

If you are being active for good health intermittent fasting regularly can work wonderfully. If you’re an athlete who trains or is an exercise enthusiast, you may need to fuel around your workouts carefully, so you don’t lose muscle mass. Intermittent fasting and exercise can co-exist as long as you plan and monitor carefully.

Monitor muscle and fat

Track your progress during workouts – you don’t ever want to be doing random workouts. There should be some level of assessing from one week to the next, the weight you lifted, the number of repetitions you were able to do, the speed or distance you were able to reach or the difficulty of the same measurable exercise. If you find you’re not able to exert as much and you’re not expending as much energy, the quality of exercise is suffering. You want to reconsider the timing of your fasting and exercise.

Make it Right

Fasting has such a wide continuum and done wrong can backfire on a woman in menopause already under stress and at risk for loss of muscle and bone. Done properly with a plan to change and monitor your personal plan as needed it can be an amazing health & longevity tool.

If you have a history of chronic dieting, disordered eating, over exercise, body image challenges, proceed with caution. I don’t recommend intermittent fasting for anyone with disordered eating history.

Become a fat burner

Fasting can be a good time to shift from being a sugar burner to a fat burner with lower intensity exercise. Gradually you increase your level of intensity while fasting. The body naturally wants to burn carbohydrates. This shift takes time.

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