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Apr 27, 2021

High impact during menopause? Are you thinking that might get you hurt? With the wrong start and progression, it might. If you’re extremely fragile, or have co-existing conditions, it’s also not advised. But for other women transitioning through menopause, you need to look closely at what you’re doing, and what you believe.

Two Groups:

  • High Impact weight-bearing + high intensity velocity resistance training 3x a week
  • Or to a control group that performed low intensity work

So I’ll ask again, high impact during menopause?

With a safe start, a safe progression, and criteria to know what to expect – to feel to not feel, high impact during menopause has it’s place in a quest for longevity. In other words, if you want a “healthspan” that matches your lifespan you need to find some high intensity movement.

You can’t wait. You can’t just “walk.” Hear it in the podcast today. (link in bio)

Results from a 2021 study featuring postmenopausal women with osteopenia – intended to be 18 mos. which was cut short due to COVID (6 mos. Short). Researchers suspected that for Bone Mineral Density [BMD] results the last 6 months when training would have been most intense, would have reflected even greater changes.

The Methods:

The Exercise Group performed High Impact activity include jumps and a variety of high impact moves included in an aerobic fitness manner that imposed interval training, and separately performed progressive intense resistance training [RT] to muscular fatigue.

The Control Group: performed Low impact walking/marching and stretching and isometric conditioning exercises.

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Researcher’s reminder:

“The most prominent bone decline might occur during the 3-year phase of transmenopause…one year before and two years after the final menstrual period”


Hip Bone Mineral Density increases didn’t have as much opportunity for change because the most intense training was cut (COVID).

*Strength & Power results & differences were also believed less than expected because of abbreviated study (COVID).

The unintended early termination of the study due to COVID was unfortunate, but still offers positive effects of high intensity exercise, as suggested in other emerging research studies.

You, my dear are not delicate, and treating yourself as if you are, shortchanges your results.


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