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Nov 24, 2020

Does menopause really mean different exercise? That was the question that came after incongruent messages presented to a Flipping 50 follower. It's common. It's the biggest reason it's hard to stick to a program. 

You constantly get mixed messages and often can't make a decision about starting any program. 

Be a critical thinker.

I was interviewed as an expert for an article the other day. A site where I'd bet $100 that you've read articles and thought you can trust them.
However, the first question was, "What are the signs someone needs to slow down and do lighter workouts once they're in the 40s or 50s?"

First answer, "Wait a minute. Are you writing an article about the actual science or convincing people they need to slow down?"

And this is how it goes, ladies. I've written for online magazines, print magazines, and newspapers since the mid 90s. It drove me to blog, in fact. Because often outlets base what they'll publish on what is the popular thought process and belief.

What Pays?
You'll read it. More readers, more ads. Do they care that you don't get the real science? Not so much.

And there's a good chance you won't get real science. Why? Because there are plenty of fitness professionals who also still (insert believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus) believe and hold those beliefs instead of using science to base decisions on.

The list of posts and content comes from a meeting. A meeting of journalists, key word searches, producers, who are after ratings and traffic not actual science.

Does Menopause Really Mean Different Exercise?

If you've watched my TEDx talk you may get the wrong impression that I favor lighter workouts. Dead wrong. I favor hard, intense workouts for those who are able and hormone balanced. LESS exercise does not mean pick up your Barbie-doll pink weights and do them more often. It means get tired, grunt or huff-n-puff.

If you have a hormone imbalance, then yes, adjusting until you are in balance again is required. (You're writing checks on an empty account if you go right to challenging workouts and you're exhausted, sick or injured.)

You are intelligent. Social media is .. media. Nowhere in the title appears the word science, or proven. Social = rumors. You know how those suckers fly. Does menopause really mean different exercise? 

Yes. Different protocols. Different sequences, combinations and most importantly, it needs to be matched to your highest priorities. 


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