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Let's start Flipping 50 with the energy and the vitality you want for this second half! I solve your biggest challenges and answer questions about how to move, what to eat, and when, along with the small lifestyle changes that can make the most difference in the least amount of time. Join me and my expert guests for safe, sane, simple solutions for your second (and better) half!

May 23, 2023

If you want to raise your energy this is for you. Beyond the superficial ask for energy for exercise, or to get through the day without caffeine, this is about the deeper vibrational energy. 


You know when your vibrational energy is up because you walk into a room and people look. They seem to be drawn to you. You can usually sense it. Certain scents (as long as they’re not synthetic fragrances) elevate vibration. You probably tend to look up instead of down. 


Music, foods and breathing practices all influence vibrational energy. Of course, exercise will raise your energy, (if you’re not in a state of fatigue and you choose your exercise wisely), but if you’re here because you want more energy so that you can exercise, I’ll save that for last. These other tricks will support you on an exercise day or a recovery day when you need to be fully alert and focused but not with over-the-top anxiety or jitters. 


It's not woo-woo, it’s science. You have high or low energy and though yes, it’s related to how motivated you may feel to workout, it’s more. It’s your ability to do elevated work and care about small dramas or have a disinterest in them. The higher your vibrational energy the healthier the individual. 


Foods that are alkaline, generally all plant-based foods are higher vibrational. Ideas, thoughts, and emotions all have energy. Emotions like joy, love, and gratitude are the highest vibration. Emotions like hate, fear, and grief are low vibrational energy. Guilt and shame are the lowest. 

Energy Vibrations: Musical Hertz

Music can also uses hertz. The late Michael Tyrrell, the creator of Wholetones, was a guest on the Flipping 50 podcast seven years ago discussing this. Listening to certain music can change your mood and it has to do with the vibrational energy. However, with music, as with food and environments, everything is also influenced by your unique history and memory. The 936hz frequency is associated with love, used for pineal activation, and connection with a greater source. For me, listening makes my heart expand in a very physical way. 


Check Your Emotional Energy 

  • Are you experiencing love, joy, appreciation, and seeking knowledge?
  • Do you have great enthusiasm and passion for what you’re doing? 
  • Are you optimistic and hopeful? 
  • Are you bored, frustrated, or disappointed? 
  • Do you feel worried, discouraged, or jealous?  
  • Do you feel fear, grief, or helplessness?

6 Sustainable Vibrational Energy-Raising Strategies


1 High Vibe Music


For most people listening to loud, heavy, aggressive music will feel more anxious or stressed. Other lighter, ethereal sounds tend to make people feel more expansive and elevated. This isn’t by accident. There are chords and frequencies throughout music that can be used subliminally say in commercials, restaurants or stores. You can choose high-vibrational music to change your mood in the same way. 

5 Songs to Raise Your Energy

  • Beautiful Day (Thank You for Sunshine)        Jermain Edwards
  • Your Love Keeps Lifting Me                            Jackie Wilson
  • Crazy Love                                                       Van Morrison 
  •   If the World Just Danced                                Diana Ross
  • This Little Light of Mine                                  Addison Road

I used to listen to Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of This Little Light of Mine on repeat before triathlons to keep me calm yet ready to start. 

Your experience and memories with certain music will also change how it influences you. I know exercisers who swear by heavy metal to get them going. I can’t stand it. It drags me down. In theory, the vibrational component of the music with heavy driving base is lower. However, what you feel based on all the things that are unique to you and your history with it could change that. 


I can still hear the two songs we played at my mom’s funeral as we entered and as we exited the church and though they’re sad, they are high vibrational sounds, and the deep feelings are of love not of sorrow or sadness. When acute memories fade, often all that’s left is the love. 


Notice that though each of these songs has lyrics, a song doesn’t have to in order to raise your vibration. But the words are about love, gratitude and hope. It isn’t however necessarily a love song between individuals as much as for life and all individuals. 


2 Choose Higher Energy Foods

Greens – sauté them if you don’t digest them well (some greens like kale or spinach are high in oxalates, so rotate and don’t eat these daily)
Sprouts – I add them to wraps or as a topping for any salad

Beets – I love to roast them and then add them to an arugula & crumbled goat cheese salad 

Mint – add to smoothies (I love a mint and chocolate smoothie for a Girl Scout Thin Mint-tasting treat)

Lemon – I love fresh lemon in water all day and squeezed on salads 


3 Get Out in Nature to Boost Energy


Studies prove that time in nature, forest bathing, significantly decreases stress levels. On the other side of the continuum, vibrational frequencies are elevated in those who spent time outdoors. 


If you can’t, try bringing the outdoors in. Fresh flowers on the table or plants inside also make a higher vibe healthier environment. The ability to look outdoors at nature and even at artwork featuring nature can be helpful. 

4 Exercise for Higher Vibes


Struggling to find and regenerate energy: 


Tai Chi



Ready for More and Need to Move Emotion through you:

High-intensity intervals 

Brisk walking or hiking 

Power weightlifting 


As much as movement helps you, so too might stillness. 


5 Meditation as a Way to Raise Your Vibrational Energy


Meditation or simple breath work if you can’t quite get to meditation yet. It took me a while to get to the point of getting curious enough about meditation to really dive into it. It’s not what I thought. And it is what I thought. There’s not a right or wrong. But I’ve found it one of the most powerful experiences not doing anything to benefit the rest of my life when I’m doing everything. 

I have time. I have more time. The same two hours moves differently for me. I feel into things more consciously. I at some point got up from meditation different than I sat down. 


I sometimes wake up early, and I’m a morning person, so I don’t wish to go back to sleep. But if 4 am comes and I am awake, I’ll put in a meditation. It’s the perfect time.
The other night for some rare reason, I woke around 2 for some reason and couldn’t get back to sleep. Instead of tossing and turning I realized it was an opportunity, so I just meditated for an hour. Later I did go back to sleep for about an hour and a half, a full sleep cycle. And woke feeling fine. 


I won’t pretend to be a meditation teacher. I’m an international health and fitness educator though. One of the first ways I was able to just start though was to practice progressive relaxation. I find it is easier for many of our Flipping 50 members new to meditation too. It provides a physical component to focus on and initiates you into the breathwork. 


If you respond to me anywhere (social media and share this episode first) I will create a special episode that is a progressive relaxation for you. Are you interested? I’m at flipping50tv everywhere (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube). 


I’ve used this strategy for myself and clients who struggle with insomnia too. 

6 Your Environment and Your Energy Levels

Additionally, your environment can impact your vibrational energy. When you love a room and the décor in it, chances are there are certain colors, patterns, or a sense of organization raising your energy. On the other hand, if you’re surrounded by clutter, it could be pulling your energy down. A few minutes at the end of every day picking up and putting things away can make a big difference in the energy you start your day with. 


I have been amid a few big projects recently. I had no less than a dozen pieces of yellow legal paper spread out on my long dining room table (side note: I have a dedicated office, however, have piles of organization on the floor there too). I hosted my niece and a friend over the weekend and finally cleared that. Today, they’ve gone home but I’m still enjoying the clutter-free dining area! There are other ways to remind yourself of things you intend to do than to have them at your fingertips! 

Last Note

Tap into any of these strategies to raise your energy when you’re looking for the mojo to get going. Also, though, honor your need. You know when you’re sad or grieving or angry, you may need to be sad. Processing emotions is a part of adulting. As children, we may not have had the skills to handle strong emotions that as adults we do. However, we have to allow ourselves the time and space to experience them. 


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